2016 Brandon Hall-Winning Product Launch Training Uses Knowledge Guru


The Knowledge Guru learning platform was used as part of a product launch that won Silver in the 2016 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards. The platform was used as part of a product launch training curriculum designed by Bottom-Line Performance for Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Ventana), a member of the Roche Group. It uses game-based learning and the power of story to help reps show the value of a new product.

It was the second award win of 2016 for the VENTANA HE 600 product launch training curriculum, and the sixth win in the last two years that BLP has partnered with the Roche group to win. To date, the Knowledge Guru platform has been used as part of 6 Brandon Hall-winning projects.

The HE 600 uses Knowledge Guru as a pre-work activity to help reinforce key product information. Learn more about the curriculum here.