Less Tell; More Games and Gamification

100 Great Game Based Learning and Gamification Resources

Lots people want to get started with game based learning, gamification and serious games in their training. We’ve been curating game related content for several years while conducting our own research and case studies. Here are 100 articles related to games and learning. Some of them are research-based, while others just offer an interesting perspective to […]

Get the Facts on Game-Based Learning (Infographic)

We know how effective serious games and game-based learning are. That’s why we’ve developed an entire game-based learning platform focused on making game-based learning easier to implement. But some people are still on the fence about using games for learning. Compliance training isn’t supposed to be entertaining, right? We know that if everyone had the information we have, […]

Introducing the Learning Game Design Blog

Ladies and gents, welcome. We’re happy you have found your way to TheKnowledgeGuru.com… home of our Knowledge Guru™ suite of products. This is the Learning Game Design Blog. Some of you may read our weekly posts on the Lessons On Learning blog. We use that blog to discuss all things learning design, and games are […]

4 Ways Gamification Drives Business Results

This post originally appeared on the Bottom-Line Performance Lessons on Learning blog. Read the full post here. What’s the value of a more informed sales rep? What’s the ROI of a more engaged employee? These types of results are hard to quantify, yet they drive meaningful value for a business. Plenty has been written on […]

Game Based Learning – Why Does it Work? (Free download)

Click the image below to read the “entire scroll of knowledge”, or click here. Forty years of research[i] says yes, games are effective learning tools. People learn from games…and they will learn MORE from a game than from other forms of learning.[ii] However, most people don’t get WHY games work, which causes them to dismiss games as frivolous. […]