Understanding the Roles in Knowledge Guru

Every Knowledge Guru subscription includes four user roles. Take time to understand the roles as it helps you understand what each one can and cannot do.

Account Owner

This role serves as Bottom-Line Performance’s primary point of contact. Information on new product releases is sent to this individual. Renewal information also gets sent to this individual.

Account owners can:

  • Function as a System Administrator.
  • In Enterprise subscriptions only, assign another team member to be a system administrator.
  • Access the Manage Accounts tab within system administration site.
  • Perform any task a System Administrator can do (outlined below).

System Administrator

The System Administrator oversees subscription usage and manages game authors and shells. They can:

  • Manage game authors and game shells by adding, editing, and deleting them.
  • Log in to any game within the system and perform all actions a Game Author can.
  • Remove players from the overall Knowledge Guru system. (Game authors can remove a player from a single game, but not the overall system.)
  • Generate system reports.
  • Monitor overall usage against the subscription limits (number of game shells, players, author licenses).

Game Authors

Game Authors create and edit games assigned to them. With an assigned game, they can:

  • Create, edit, or delete game content.
  • Customize the game shell’s theme and branding.
  • Set up email verification requirement for new players.
  • Add, edit, or delete individual players from the game (not the overall system).
  • Reset player progress – for a single player or for a group of players.
  • Generate game reports and monitor game play.
  • Export a SCORM package and supply it to an LMS administrator for upload to an LMS.
  • Obtain the game URL to provide it to players who need access to the game.
  • Provide a link to a “live scoreboard” if a workshop facilitator wants to use a Knowledge Guru game as part of a live event.


Players can register for – and play – a Knowledge Guru game for which they have the URL and appropriate access credentials.