Game down for maintenance screen

How to Make Your Knowledge Guru Game “Live”

Once you’ve written the content for your Knowledge Guru game, you’ll need to make your game live so players can access it. It can also be useful to make a game live for testing purposes.

To do this, just follow these steps:

1. Log in to your game as an administrator: The admin login link, which you must use before you make your game live, will always be If you try going to your game’s main URL before it’s live (just, you’ll see something like this:

Game down for maintenance screen

If you hit this screen, you can also just click the link that says “please click here” to be taken to the admin login screen.

2. Make sure you have a question set for every topic: When trial users are demo’ing their game to others on their team, they sometimes forget this step. For every topic you create, you must create a complete question set to make your game live. If you don’t, you’ll get an error like this:

Game Access Error


3.  Click the “Site Access” Status Button and set it to “Online.”

Once you have question sets filled in for each topic in your game, making your game live is a snap. Just click the button (in the lower right hand corner of the screen) and set it to “Online.”

Players will then be able to access your game from You’ll also be able to log in as an administrator from this link now.

Summary:  If you log in to your game from and making sure you have a question set created for each topic, you can easily make your game live from the main menu screen.

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