How to Use Basic Features of the Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard

Once you’ve assigned your game a title, conducted your game design meeting and created a design document, you’re ready to start using the Game Creation Wizard to make your Knowledge Guru® game.  This tutorial covers the basic features of the Wizard, and will get you up and running with the tool quickly.

For a more in-depth look at the 5 Step Game Creation process, including a sample design meeting agenda and design document, click here.

For the basic steps of using the Wizard, have a look at the screencast below:

Basic steps for using the wizard:

  1. Decide what you need people to know or do related to your game title and organize this information into topics. You can have up to four unique topics in a game. Each topic represents a mountain within the game. Players must ascend all of the game’s mountains to earn the title of Knowledge Guru.
  2. Create learning objectives for each topic. We recommend three to five objectives per topic.
  3. Create at least one question set for each objective. (A question set consists of three questions. Each of the three questions is an iteration of the other ones so you ask the same question three different ways.) We recommend a minimum of six questions along a mountain path and a maximum of 9 questions. This means each topic should have 6 to 9 question sets, which means a total of 18 to 27 questions associated with the topic.
  4.  As you create questions, make sure you create a variety of question styles: mix questions that use images with questions that do not. Make some questions true/false and others multiple-choice. Have fact-based questions as well as scenario-based questions.
  5.  Create a humorous “mountain top” question for each topic that serves as the final question asked by the Guru before he confers the Topic Mastery achievement on a player.


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