How to Use Image Questions in Knowledge Guru

Repeat after me: images are not decorations.

At least, not in Knowledge Guru they aren’t.

It couldn’t be easier to add images to your questions in the  Game Creation Wizard. From the Question Editing Screen, just click the “choose file” button, select your image, and hit “save” at the bottom of the page.

Adding images to questions

You can click “View Question in Game” on the “View Question” page to see how your image looks in the game itself.

Step 1:

Previewing image questions

Step 2:

Previewing Questions in the Game

In the screenshot above, viewing the image is essential to answering the question. Users must look at the image, realize that it represents the “aesthetics” of the game, and then choose the correct response.

If you can incorporate an image into the question in a meaningful way, it switches up the experience for learners and enhances your game. Otherwise, it is simply an unneeded decoration.

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