Play KGuru Drive & KGuru Quest on a Smartphone – Game Author & Player QuickStart Guide

We’ve made it simple for your learners to play your Knowledge Guru games on their smartphones. Let’s dive into how it works.

Game Author: Invite players to your game by sharing your game’s URL

As a Game Author, whenever you make your Knowledge Guru game live you’re immediately given your game’s unique URL that you can share out in an invitation email. This is how players know where to go to play. With Drive and Quest games, players who arrive at your link on their iPhone or Android smartphones will be able able to register for your game and then download and launch either the KGuru Drive or KGuru Quest app.

Player: Download, Login, and Play

Once a player has registered for a Drive or Quest game, they will be able to tap a link to download (or launch if it is already installed) the KGuru Drive or KGuru Quest app where they can login and see a list of available games. That’s it, they’re all set. On-the-go learners will never need to access a computer to play Knowledge Guru Drive or Quest. Every interaction and screen has been optimized for the mobile experience. The apps also feature push notification support so players can select to receive notifications when it’s time to come back and play a new topic.

You can direct players to download the Knowledge Guru apps from our ‘apps’ page.