Knowledge Guru Spring ’14 Release is All About Options


You want to use games for learning, but you need the games to fit the unique requirements of your organization. You believe that serious games can increase engagement and retention, but you are not so convinced that a platform can allow you to create games with enough variety to please your learners.

Most of all, you need to prove to key stakeholders that your learners, and your organization, are actually benefiting from the serious games your team creates. You’re ready to create learning that breaks the mold, but you’re not so sure the development tools out there are capable of meeting your needs.

If any of these statements are true for you, the Spring ’14 release of Knowledge Guru was made for you. We’ve made it easier than ever before to develop serious games that will delight all the right people.

  • Learners will love the new theme packs.
  • The Learning and Development team will embrace the easy authoring and customization process.
  • Key stakeholders will marvel at the improved analytics and reporting your team can provide on learning results.


 Make it Your Own

We have collected feedback from our current customers (organizations such as ExactTarget, Kimberley-Clark and Johnson & Johnson) to build a platform you’ll be excited to use. Here is a sampling of the new features that are available today:

Four gorgeous new theme packs.


Choose from a “retro” business theme, a “Person of the Year” business theme, a space alien theme, and a fairy tale theme. Each theme has a unique backstory, “Guru” character, and set of rewards. You can now choose from eight different themes for your games, all of which use the spaced repetition and feedback loops critical to long-term memory.

Expanded user roles and powerful new controls.

You can create and destroy your own games, add game authors and assign them to games, and run reports for all games in your organization with just a few clicks. Choose which theme packs to apply to your games and easily switch between themes when you’re ready to give players a fresh experience.

Complete Branded Experience.


You can now upload your company logo. You can even add your company colors and a custom footer.

Improved Player Registration.

Knowledge Guru now includes two customizable registration fields, which you can use for categories like location, job title, department, etc.

Leaderboards Set Free.


Choose which leaderboards you want players to see as they play Knowledge Guru. You can even show a leaderboard based on the custom registration fields you create.

Improved Data Report and Export Functions.

The two new custom fields give you the ability to create custom reports based on what you need to track. Use the new report builder to select the player and game data you want to see. Download visual reports that use pie charts and graphs to segment your player data. Best of all, most data can now be exported in CSV format for custom sorting or easy import into an LMS. 

Live Leaderboard for In-Person Events.


Every Knowledge Guru game now has a URL you can display at a live event that auto-refreshes the leaderboard as players progress through your game.

See What Spring has Sprung at ASTD ICE

You no longer have to choose between a generic mini-game that’s too basic or a custom serious game that’s too expensive and complex to build. With eight different theme options, easy customization options, and powerful reporting, we’ve turned Knowledge Guru into a tool you can truly make your own.

ICE2014 logo

We’ll be showcasing the Spring ’14 release at the 2014 ASTD International Conference in Washington DC. The conference will be held May 4-7 in Washington DC.

  • Come see a demo of Knowledge Guru at Booth 619 of the expo. You can also request a demo here.
  • Hear Sharon Boller and myself present “Powerful Learning Games You Can Build in a Day,” Wednesday, May 7th from 8:30 – 9:45 am. (Details)