Knowledge Guru Spring Release Provides More Leaderboards, Expanded Reports, and Easier Login


The Knowledge Guru platform continues to expand its features and functionality using customer feedback as our guide.  The Spring Release is all about usability: the features we have added streamline the user experience, enhance reporting capability, and increase the platform’s versatility.

Universal Login

Now, is the official starting point for all users. Players, game authors and system administrators all use this simply URL, also available by clicking “Log In” from any page on the Knowledge Guru site, to access their games. There is no need to memorize a specific URL, and users see a list of all games assigned to them after logging in. All users simply log in with an email address and a password.

Of course, you can still direct players to a unique game URL to log in for a specific game.


More Leaderboards in Quest

Consistently we’ve heard customers tell us that they LOVE the new Quest game type… except that they miss all the leaderboards they are used to in the original Legend game type. We’ve revamped Quest to include three leaderboards while retaining the “Around Your Area” board. We’ve adjusted this dashboard view of progress to include more player information as well. See the images below:

Resource Links for Individual Questions (Quest Only)

We introduced Performance Challenges in the Quest game type… and the ability to link out to resources as part of the challenges. Now, you can link to resources such as websites or PDFs directly from a specific question. When a player clicks the resource link, a new window will open that shows the resource. Here’s what it looks like:


A Third Customizable Registration Field (both game types)

The customers who are most successful with Knowledge Guru make great use of the platform’s reporting and tracking features. We’ve added a third custom registration field that links to a back-end report. So…if you create a field called SUPERVISOR, you will be able to access a report labeled Supervisor Performance Report from the game author site.


The new All-Star report in the Quest game type that identifies players who have earned three stars on every level of a Quest game, along with their total score.  You can use this report as a means of incentivizing players, perhaps offering recognition to all players who earn three-star status across all levels of the game.

If you opt to include this third field in your games, you will have a report associated with it. This enhancement is in both game types.

The Player Progress Report has been enhanced and now identifies the player’s performance on every question in the game – not just overall performance by objective. This enables a supervisor  to provide pinpoint remediation if needed. This enhancement is in both game types.

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