How to Mass Upload Players into a Guru Game

Do you want to spare your players the task of self-registering to play a Guru game? Some organizations do. If email verification is not needed, you can opt to pre-register players for a Guru game. Perhaps you are unveiling a Guru game as part of a conference experience or as part of a live workshop event. In these instances, your goal is to get everyone playing as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible.

If you prefer to let players register themselves for your game, they can do so. Here’s how to let players register themselves.

Mass uploading your players ahead of time may be a perfect solution. You can do this mass import within the MANAGE PLAYERS option in the left-hand menu. You select the Add Players submenu item within it. The Add Multiple Players section is located below the Add a Single Player section.

Two important tips:

  1. Download and use the .CSV template we provide. It tells you exactly what information to include.
  2. Define your user registration fields before you mass import players so that the .CSV file you download includes columns for them.

NOTE: Safari users need to right-click to download the .CSV file.

Click through this slideshow to see a quick tutorial.