Here is where you’ll find all of the resources we’re compiling for attendees of our Lunch and Learn presentation at the 2013 Online Learning Conference. Many of you indicated you’d like to learn more about games and game based learning—this should definitely whet your appetite. Click the links below to get started.

Free Trial of our Knowledge Guru game engine: (Use it to try building your own game)

Knowledge Guru® is a web-based authoring tool you can use to build learning games with your content. The game helps people learn facts like product knowledgeindustry factspolicies and proceduressales messages and research data. Follow the link and fill out the form to get started!

Slides from the Lunch and Learn presentation at the Online Learning Conference

For your reference you can find the complete slideshow from the Lunch and Learn presentation online at the link above.

Our free webinar on Getting started with Knowledge Guru

We are offering a free webinar to help you get started creating amazing games using our Game Creation Wizard. It’s currently available to try free for 30 days. If you are curious as to how quickly you can put together an engaging game for learners, join us for this quick start webinar.

Our Game Based Learning Infographic, featured on Edudemic

We know that if everyone had the information we have— if they could see our successful case studies and hear what those learners had to say— then they would realize the true efficacy of game based learning. That’s why we’ve whipped up this detailed infographic to break down the facts on game based learning and serious games, and why they should be your next learning solution.

Intro to Sharon Boller’s Learning Game Design Blog Series

If the sign-ups for our learning game design workshops and Primer on Play workshops are any indicator, learning and development professionals are clamoring for solid guidance on how to get started in learning game design or “game-based learning.” But because not everyone is going to be able to come to our workshops—or wait for one—Sharon decided to do a blog series to help folks get started.