Employee Onboarding

Most new employee orientation consists of the employee handbook, or perhaps a list of bullet points in an eLearning course. Employees end up spending months gathering foundational knowledge through observing co-workers, who also may have incomplete information. This wasted time and misdirected energy carries an obvious cost for the organization.

The Knowledge Guru platform is an ideal addition to, or replacement for, an employee onboarding program. The leaderboards and competition build camaraderie with new hires while the spaced repetition and feedback loops reinforce key employee knowledge that must become part of their working memories. The Quest game offers a game-like experience occurring in short bursts each day, while performance challenges bridge the gap between the game experience and the workplace. The Legend edition is a perfect reinforcement to an existing orientation session.

We use Knowledge Guru within our own company to teach new hires the policies, procedures, jargon, and tools they need on the job. Whether the goal is to “know it cold” or simply find and locate, the games are a perfect way to “break the ice” for new hires.