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A Primer on Spaced Repetition and Feedback Loops
A guide to the research and case studies.
Don't forget to help learners remember
Why is most corporate training ineffective? Learners forget what they learned. Research has repeatedly shown that using spaced repetition and feedback loops can increase retention of new knowledge and skills. By basing your own learning designs off of these principles or using a solution that already has the learning principles built in, you can greatly increase what your learners will remember.
Learn all about micro-spacing and macro-spacing and how the concept of spaced repetition will maximize your training dollars.
Learn about how spaced repetition and feedback loops combat the forgetting curve.
See what a feedback loop actually looks like when done correctly and learn how to implement feedback in your training.
See a real world case study showing the results achieved with spaced repetition and feedback loops.

Who's this for?

Any business professional looking for one of the following outcomes through a corporate learning program: Less accidents, more sales, better customer service, faster new hire on-boarding, fewer mistakes.

Who's the author?

Steven Boller is the Marketing Manager at Bottom-Line Performance, Inc, an Indianapolis-based learning design company. He has authored hundreds of articles and speaks nationally on the use of serious games to achieve learning outcomes.