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4 Ways Serious Games LINK to Learning
A Guide by Sharon Boller
You Can Make a Game… But Will People Really Learn?
Serious games are making their way into many corporate learning programs in 2014. Research shows they can be highly effective for learning… but only if they’re designed correctly. Sharon Boller, creator of Knowledge Guru® and President of Bottom-Line Performance, has authored a concise guide for mapping the “fun” in games to the essential elements needed for learning to happen. If you’re thinking about adding a game to your learning mix, read this first.
Learn the 8 common ways games create a feeling of “fun” for players, explained along with common game examples you’ll already be familiar with.
Re-familiarize yourself with the four essential elements needed for learning to happen. All effective learning solutions should include these elements. Do you know what they are?
Learn how those elements of "fun" link up with the four essential elements needed for learning to happen.
See some of the most frequently cited research that supports using serious games for learning. Use it to make the case for games in your organization.

Who's this for?

If you or the people you manage need practical information to evaluate vendors or build in-house serious games, this guide is for you.

Who's the author?

Sharon Boller is the president of Bottom-Line Performance, Inc, an Indianapolis-based learning design company. She is also the lead designer of the Knowledge Guru® game engine, a tool for creating simple quiz-based desktop and tablet games. Sharon is a 20-year veteran of the L&D industry and presents nationally on the topic of learning game design.