How to Use “Custom Mode” to Customize Mini-Game Order in Drive

Knowledge Guru’s Drive has two delivery methods for minigames: Daily 3 and Custom. Read this article to learn about how to choose a delivery method. Custom allows game authors to choose how players complete their Drive experience. To customize game order: Navigate to Customize > Minigame Delivery Choose Custom on the toggle. Drag minigames into the […]

How to Create a Drive Game for Languages Other Than English

Want to launch a Drive game to a global audience? No problem. Drive games can be created in seven languages besides English: Chinese French German Italian Japanese Portugese Spanish The authoring tool is in English, but content can be input in the language of choice. All player-facing game text will appear in the language you select when you […]

What You Can Customize in Drive

The Knowledge Guru Drive authoring tool allows you to create a Drive game that’s unique to your organization by customizing it with names, logos, registration fields, and more. This article focuses on the look and feel of your Drive game and explains the steps to create a unique Drive experience for your learners. Customize Your […]

How to Select and Customize Leaderboards in Drive

Leaderboards are a great feature in Drive that create a fun, competitive environment. You might want to use certain leaderboards for certain instances. For example, if you want to have a company–wide competition, you can select leaderboards such as  Top 10 for Location, Overall Drive to Mastery, or Drive to Mastery Past X Days. If you are holding a competition within your […]

How to Customize Your Registration Fields

When you implement a Knowledge Guru Drive game, you may want to filter your game data by specific criteria – or set up a competition in a specific way. For example, you may want to be able to view game results by team, by location, or by job role. You might want locations to compete against each other […]