How to use Automated Emails to Motivate, Remind, and Engage

Knowledge Guru administrators can choose to turn on a carefully crafted series of emails that players trigger with various in-game activities. These auto emails are designed to foster repeat play, acknowledge significant accomplishments, and gently nudge inactive users. Motivate Players Motivational emails are designed to engage players who have gone at least a week without […]

How to Let Learners Log In With

Knowledge Guru allows your learners to log into their games with their account. Once learners validate their account credentials, they can log in with Salesforce and see all games registered to their Salesforce email address. Desktop From the main login page Players go to or and click LOGIN WITH SALESFORCE. Players enter their Salesforce username and […]

How to Invite Learners to Play on Mobile Devices

Are you launching a Knowledge Guru game that learners will play on their smartphones? If so, using these two links will make the process easier: and 1. If players will type the game link into their mobile browser, use the short link All Knowledge Guru games can be accessed using either the full link (Example: […]

How to Use the Live Leaderboard in Knowledge Guru

Every Knowledge Guru game has a Live Leaderboard. You can display this leaderboard on-screen in a live event or send it out to players via email so they can check scores without logging in. The live leaderboard refreshes automatically as people play. The Live Leaderboard includes between four and seven unique leaderboards, depending on the […]

Implementation Tips for Quest and Legend

To maximize the playing – and learning – experience of Knowledge Guru’s Quest and Legend games, you need to do two things well: Spark learners’ interest so they take action to login or register to Knowledge Guru and get started. If learners will play Quest on a mobile device, they will also need to download the mobile […]

7 Steps to an Effective Knowledge Guru Implementation

You already developed and customized your Knowledge Guru game. Now you need a plan to launch it, promote it, and measure it. Consider these tips for a successful implementation: 1. Make it mandatory. Your employees’ time is limited, and most of them only have the energy to focus on the activities that are truly essential […]

Play KGuru Drive & KGuru Quest on a Smartphone – Game Author & Player QuickStart Guide

We’ve made it simple for your learners to play your Knowledge Guru games on their smartphones. Let’s dive into how it works. Game Author: Invite players to your game by sharing your game’s URL As a Game Author, whenever you make your Knowledge Guru game live you’re immediately given your game’s unique URL that you can share out […]

How to Make a Game Live So Players Can Access It

Once you have created the topics, objectives, and questions for your game you are now ready to make it live. Making it live is a simple task, but there are also some other things to consider when you are making your game ready for players. You also decide what kinds of email reminders your players […]

How to Export A SCORM Package

The optimal way to experience a Guru game is via the web application. However, sometimes the organization requires tracking of completion via an LMS. With Guru, you can generate a SCORM package of your game, export it, and provide it to an LMS administrator for upload into your LMS. The game play itself will be the […]

How to Use a Legend or Quest Game as Part of a Live Event

Using a Knowledge Guru game as a part of a live event or workshop can enhance the experience. You – or whomever is facilitating the workshop – can display a live leaderboard so players can see their progress – and compete for high point awards. The leaderboard auto-refreshes every 30 seconds throughout game play. To […]