Knowledge Guru Tutorials

Use our library of screencasts, how-to guides and downloadable resources to get you up and running with Knowledge Guru® quickly. If you’re not seeing something that you need, let us know.

Game Design

How to Design a Knowledge Guru Game in 5 Steps

How to Create Good Learning Objectives in Knowledge Guru

Using the Wizard

How to Use the Basic Features of the Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard

How to Write Iterative Questions

How to Write Distractors

How to Write Scenario Questions

How to Use Image Questions

How to Change Your Game’s Appearance

Game Launch and Tracking

How to Make Your Game Live

How to Register Players

How to Use the Admin Tracking Features

How to Link Knowledge Guru to an LRS Using Experience API

Downloadable Resources

User Guide – Everything you need to know in one PDF.

Sample Design Document – A blueprint you can use to design your game.

Sample Design Meeting Plan – Run your design meeting the same way we do.