Knowledge Guru Updates Visuals, Adds Variety in Spring ’17 Release

Visuals and Variety. These two words guided our team’s efforts as we decided on features and improvements for the Spring 2017 release of Knowledge Guru. In our second release of the year, customers now have access to a new, modern look in our ‘Quest’ app and two new mini-games in our ‘Drive’ app.

New Look for Quest

Since its launch in late 2014, Quest has become our most popular Knowledge Guru app. We have updated it with a new, modern look and feel. The minimalist game themes across both desktop and mobile and replaced player characters with game pieces that match the board game aesthetic. See the new look.

New Mini-games for Drive

We’ve also added two new mini-games to our newest Knowledge Guru app, Drive. Fish For Facts gives you another option for helping learners build their knowledge comprehension. Forest Flight is a branching scenario game ideal for analysis, synthesis or evaluation. If you are an instructional designer, you may be noticing a pattern: each of Drive’s six mini-games is linked to specific levels on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. Get a tour of Drive.

Speaking of Drive…

We added the Drive training reinforcement app to the Knowledge Guru platform in late 2016. Players take a short confidence assessment, then receive short, daily mini-games based on their individualized training needs. Drive is a mobile-first training experience, and it is also available for play on desktop computers.

Updated Log-in Experience… with more to come

Some visual changes, like an updated login experience for players and administrators, are just a preview of bigger changes still to come. We’ll share more in the months ahead.

See it all at ATD International

We will be showing off the latest Knowledge Guru features in booth 625 at the ATD International Conference & Expo. Coming to the conference and want to chat? Get in Touch to let us know!

About Bottom-Line Performance

The Bottom-Line Performance team launched the Knowledge Guru in 2012. We are an award-winning learning design firm serving a wide range of corporate clients. Since 1995, we’ve helped clients choose the right learning solutions for their learners, while also helping them to design and develop learning tools effectively. Areas of focus include product launches, customer training, internal process training, safety & compliance and more.

We often use Knowledge Guru games as a pre-work or reinforcement activity in the custom curriculums we create.