Knowledge Guru Drive: Training Reinforcement That Adapts to Each Sales Rep (Webinar)


The wait is over. Knowledge Guru Drive is here and we hope you’re as excited as we are! We unveiled the app at DevLearn 2016 on November 16 and are showing it off to clients and customers in a private webinar today. On December 6th, we showcased Drive in a public webinar.

Drive is the newest app in the Knowledge Guru family

Drive is a training reinforcement tool that helps sales reps build their confidence and competence in minutes a day on their smartphones. Learners complete a short confidence assessment, then receive customized daily mini-games that teach topics such as features and benefits, objection handling and how to compare competitors. Drive adapts to learners over time to help them master their weakest areas and build on their strengths.

Product managers use Drive to turn launch training into an engaging experience reps interact with a few minutes a day on their smartphones. Sales trainers use it as a virtual coaching tool that adapts to each rep and helps them improve their confidence and competence.

Drive works alongside our other two Knowledge Guru apps, Quest and Legend. Learn more about the platform.

See Drive in our Product Webinar

Attend our webinar, Knowledge Guru’s New ‘Drive’ App: Training Reinforcement that Adapts to Each Sales Rep. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, December 6th at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT. In the session, we’ll cover:

  • How the Knowledge Guru platform uses game-based learning, adaptive learning, and microlearning.
  • How the Knowledge Guru platform can help reinforce training after product launches and enable coaching at scale.
  • The challenges faced by today’s sales reps.
  • How sales reps can increase their confidence and competence in just a few minutes a day on their smartphones.
  • How to help your sales reps do and say the right thing at the right time.

A recording of the session was sent to all registrants.

Access Knowledge Guru’s New ‘Drive’ App webinar and learn how Drive can help sales reps become more confident and competent.