Optimal uses for a Legend Game

Knowledge Guru has three game types that offer different gameplay experiences. Each game type uses a question/answer approach, but the game play within each one is different. This post focuses on the Legend game type and how it compares to the Quest game type. The slideshow below gives a walk-through of the basic game play experience:


Here’s a summary of reasons to choose Legend over Quest:

  • You need to support IE8 browser. IE8 is an outdated browser, but many corporations still want to use it. Quest requires a modern browser (IE9 or higher, Chrome 14 or higher, Firefox 3 or higher, Safari 4 or higher). Legend IS our answer to  the IE8 requirement some companies still have. It has less sophistication in its game play because IE8’s functionality won’t support many elements we take for granted when we see them in modern browsers. Quest will not work in IE8. Legend does.
  • You want people to play a short game in a single sitting.  Legend is great for making a short game if you limit the number of question sets you include. Quest’s entire game play experience is optimized for play over time. While people can – and do – play across multiple time periods in Legend, Legend is better than Quest for a very short game that doesn’t have a lot of content.
  • You only need a two-topic game. Quest requires at least 3 topics. With a Legend game you can have a one-topic game if you want (though we don’t recommend it).
  • You want players to be able to see game standings across all players. Legend includes a STANDINGS tab in the game so players can see how all players are doing and what all the scores are in Normal mode of play.
  • You like the idea of two rounds of play – normal mode and grab bag mode. We have lots of clients who will invite learners to play to “Knowledge Guru Mastery” before coming to an event. They then have a live Guru Bag competition at the event itself with the live leaderboard displaying while people play.
  • You want a wide array of theme choices. Legend lets you select between 8 different theme options, which can offer variety in the aesthetics.

If you want to compare/contrast against the Quest game type, check out this article on optimal uses for a Quest game.