• Reinforce training. Build confidence and competence.

    Knowledge Guru helps your reps say and do the right thing at the right time, when remembering really matters.

Knowledge Guru helps learners increase their confidence and competence in just a few minutes a day, on any device. The platform uses game-based learning, adaptive learning and micro-learning to increase knowledge retention and improve performance.

Product Knowledge

Make your new product stand out. Turn product launch training into an engaging experience reps interact with a few minutes a day on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Sales Training

Help your sales reps gain the critical knowledge and skills they need to win with buyers. Give sales managers the tools they need to provide meaningful coaching and support.

Processes & Procedures

When your content is highly technical or specific, one exposure is not enough. Help your employees commit critical knowledge to memory.

Call Center Training

Deliver engaging learning experiences that are playable in short time periods so the learning does not take away from time on the phone.

Two Apps – One Platform

  • Drive

    Training reinforcement for sales reps. Adapts to each learner.

  • Quest

    A versatile game used for onboarding, product and process training.

When Remembering Really Matters

Organizations use Knowledge Guru to increase sales, find and address performance gaps and reduce incidents. It’s the ideal learning solution for on-the-go sales reps, call center employees in need of more engaging training or internal employees who need to remember a critical process or procedure.

Created by the learning experts at TiER1 Performance

We used our 20+ years of experience in custom training design and development to create the Knowledge Guru platform. Because we have developed the Knowledge Guru platform in-house, we are able to bundle games into large, blended learning curriculums in order to drive cost and time savings. Others use Knowledge Guru as a standalone learning solution.