• "One and Done" is not enough

    Knowledge Guru helps sales reps retain the knowledge they need to win.

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  • Game-based learning in minutes a day

    …for when remembering really matters.

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  • Mobile Reinforcement, Meet Game-Based Learning

    Drive uniform messaging… and long-term retention.

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  • Powerful Analytics

    Spot knowledge gaps and coaching opportunities in real-time.

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Help your employees increase their knowledge… and improve their performance.

Sales Training

Help your sales reps gain the critical knowledge and skills they need to win with buyers. Give sales managers the tools they need to provide meaningful coaching and support.

Product Knowledge

Turn product knowledge training into an engaging, competitive experience that helps sales and support reps build their knowledge in a fun, engaging way.

Processes & Procedures

When your content is highly technical or specific, one exposure is not enough. Help your employees commit critical knowledge to memory.

Call Center Training

Deliver engaging learning experiences that are playable in short time periods so the learning does not take away from time on the phone.

When remembering really matters

Knowledge Guru uses game-based learning, learning science and micro-learning to increase knowledge retention and improve performance. Learners play Knowledge Guru games on a smartphone, tablet or desktop while trainers use analytics to track results and find performance gaps.

Mobile Reinforcement for Sales Training, Process Training and More

Organizations use Knowledge Guru to increase sales, find and address performance gaps and reduce incidents. It’s the ideal learning solution for on-the-go sales reps, call center employees in need of more engaging training or internal employees who need to remember a critical process or procedure.

Because we have developed the Knowledge Guru platform in-house, we are able to bundle games into large, blended learning curriculums in order to drive cost and time savings. Others use Knowledge Guru as a standalone learning solution.

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Recent News



2016 Brandon Hall-Winning Product Launch Training Uses Knowledge Guru

The Knowledge Guru learning platform was used as part of a product launch that won Silver in the 2016 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards. The platform was used as part of a product launch training curriculum designed by Bottom-Line Performance for Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Ventana), a member of the Roche Group. It uses game-based learning […]


Knowledge Guru Adds 2 New Question Types to Quest App

The kinds of questions you can create in Knowledge Guru’s Quest app now include “Select all that apply,” and “Answer in Order” questions (aka “Ranking questions). These two question types enable you to provide learners with variety and increase the learning power of a Quest game. The game shows you good examples of all three question types available […]


Knowledge Guru Adds Player Analytics and Reporting Automation

Great things are coming to Knowledge Guru’s platform as we head into the second half of 2016. We start things off with the first of two Summer releases.

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