Marsha Connor

“We use the Knowledge Guru platform across several modules in our Cisco Sales Associate Program. Before they can work with customers, new associates must obtain a deep knowledge of our architectures and technologies. Knowledge Guru is essential to reinforcing this technical knowledge, and participants have rated Knowledge Guru highly as a learning tool that helped them achieve their certification. Most importantly, the spaced repetition built in to Knowledge Guru is critical to helping new associates retain this foundational knowledge when they begin working with customers.”

Marsha ConnorSenior Manager, Business DeveloperCisco Systems, Inc.
Kristen Pela

“The Knowledge Guru platform helped us identify improvement opportunities and implement training that reinforces key topic areas. As a result, managers are now regularly auditing their team’s work. Most importantly, Talent Acquisition managers have observed significant improvements in their teams’ performance since the rollout of the Knowledge Guru program.”

Kristen PelaManager, Training & Communications, Talent AcquisitionJohnson & Johnson
Scott Thomas

“We are continually looking at ways to innovate on our learning initiatives. The Knowledge Guru was a fun and new way for us to reinforce the training we needed to do with the launch of our new product. Our clients loved it!”

Scott ThomasDirector, Product EnablementExactTarget
Mathias Vermeulen

“For example, yesterday, our production manager tested Safety Guru and he is – let’s say – a traditional learner. But he came into my office and said he had a great time and he saw lots of added value in this approach.”

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Mathias VermeulenL&D ProfessionalFrieslandCampina
Harvey Menden

“Knowledge Guru is a true out of the box solution that is very easy to use. It is easy to administer… plus participants found it fun and exciting to play. It provides a true turnkey approach to gamification.”

Harvey MendenHealth Care Performance and Learning TeamKimberly Clark Health Care
Kevin Steffey

“This was our first attempt at incorporating a Knowledge Guru game as a learning tool, and extremely positive responses from sales reps have encouraged us to develop similar games for other projects. One of our seasoned subject matter experts who reviewed the game indicated the game was lots of fun and would be a good tool for our reps. The sales reps used the game to test their knowledge about the product before launch, and the game contributed to a very successful launch.”

Kevin SteffeyGlobal Technology Transfer Leader for Insect ManagementDow AgroSciences
Miguel Marrero

“Knowledge Guru is super easy to use and has been a great tool for both internal and external training. We are happy to partner with them to supplement our training methods and tools.”

Miguel MarreroNational Training ManagerProtect-A-Bed
Fortune 500 Financial Company

“The Knowledge Guru game was a new creative way to teach or enhance agents’ (process) skills. The agents were able to play the game in short time periods which is great for a production based environment. The agents enjoyed the game and were excited to compete against their peers. The game made teaching, training and testing easy and effective for management. The experience was enjoyable for all involved and highly effective!”

Fortune 500 Financial CompanyOperating Manager

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