Getting the Facts on Game-Based Learning

Getting the Facts on Game-Based Learning (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Knowledge Guru team knows how effective serious games and game-based learning are, that’s why we’ve developed an entire learning game engine focused on making game-based learning easier to implement. But some people are still on the fence about using games for learning. After all, compliance training isn’t supposed to be entertaining, right?

We know that if everyone had the information we have— if they could see our successful case studies and hear what those learners had to say— then they would realize the true efficacy of game-based learning. That’s why we’ve whipped up this detailed infographic to break down the facts on game-based learning and serious games, and why they should be your next learning solution.
The Knowledge Guru team is striving to educate the instructional design community on serious games and game-based learning in fun ways, just like the games we promote. But if you’d like more detailed information on implementing game based learning at your organization then please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

If you’re really interested in this topic and want hands-on experience designing your own game, then register for Play to Learn: Designing Effective Learning Games. Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp have teamed up to provide this workshop on serious games and game based learning. Click here to check it out.