Introducing the Learning Game Design Blog

Introducing the Learning Game Design Blog

Ladies and gents, welcome. We’re happy you have found your way to… home of our Knowledge Guru™ suite of products.

This is the Learning Game Design Blog.

Some of you may read our weekly posts on the Lessons On Learning blog. We use that blog to discuss all things learning design, and games are a frequent topic on that blog. By adding this blog to the mix, we’ll be able to get even more hands-on with game based learning and increase the amount of content we share every week.

It’s an exciting time to be in the learning and development field. We’ve come a long way from the Click Next days of yesteryear… or so we say. Game based learning, gamification, mobile learning, and The Experience API (Tin Can) have opened the door wide open for new, innovative learning solutions… but a big chunk of the learning we see produced is still not what we all consider ideal. It’s up to those of us who truly believe learning can be fun and engaging to pave the way forward.

The body of research supporting game based learning keeps growing larger, but lots of organizations are still at the starting line, trying to chart their course. We’re here to help.

The Best Free Game Based Learning Resources Online

A Primer On Play: How to Use Games For Learning (Free Webinar)

Obviously, we will use this blog as a place to announce updates and expansions to Knowledge Guru. We’re launching the new Game Creation Wizard at ASTD ICE in just a couple of weeks… and it lowers the barrier of entry for game based learning practicioners considerably. We’ll be offering a 30 day trial of Knowledge Guru, which means you’ll have an opportunity to see how game based learning works at no cost.

But we’re also on a mission to educate the L&D community about the efficacy of game based learning and show the way forward. Our series of free webinars, white papers and low cost workshops are geared towards learning game designers of all experience levels.

Two free webinars are coming up fast:

A Primer On Play: How to Use Games for Learning 5/30 8 am EDT – Register

A Primer On Play: How to Use Games for Learning 5/30 11 am EDT – Register

Real Learning Game Design Stories

Sharon Boller - game based learning practicionerSharon Boller, President of BLP and lead designer of Knowledge Guru, will be a regular contributor on this blog. She’ll be kicking things off with a Game Based Learning blog series inspired by her experience designing digital and tabletop learning games for our clients.

We will also use this blog as a home for the game based learning content we curate from around the web. Our GBLPicks blogs will put the spotlight on a handful of articles on game based learning and gamification we’ve found valuable.

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