Knowledge Guru Adds Business Theme Packs and Experience API Control Panel

I’m excited to unveil two new enhancements to the Knowledge Guru® product: two Business theme packs and tight Experience (Tin Can) API integration. You can now create your own game in a business-themed world, with a businessman or businesswoman version of the Guru. Business Theme Packs - Knowledge Guru …And when you’re done with that, you can easily connect your game to an LRS like Scormcloud or WaxLRS to track all of your game data. We’ll be showcasing these new enhancements at this year’s DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada with a Learning Stage session and expo booth presence.

New Business Theme With Male or Female Character

The business theme packs give added flexibility to organizations who want to use Knowledge Guru games, but may not be able to use the standard Fantasy theme within their company culture. In Knowledge Guru’s Fantasy theme, players climb mountain paths to deliver scrolls to the Guru in his pagoda to become Knowledge Gurus themselves. It’s a fun setting… but some organizations need a game with a more realistic aesthetic. Fantasy Theme - Overview That’s why we created the new Business themes, where players try and join the Guru, now a dashing businessman or businesswoman, atop his Skyscraper of Knowledge. Instead of scrolls, they deliver briefcases. Where storybooks were once used, we’ve added LCD monitors and tablets. Business Theme Overview - Knowledge Guru The new themes put players in a professional, business setting while still utilizing quality aesthetics and attractive visuals. Just because the game has a more “serious” look does not mean it can’t look good, too. Other than the theme itself, the game functions exactly the same as the Fantasy version. The spaced learning, repetition, and immediate feedback are still built into the game. Game creation and editing works the same, too.

Experience API Integration

Knowledge Guru was the first learning game to be Experience (Tin Can) API compliant, all the way back in October 2012 before the specification reached 1.0. Now, we’ve added an easy-to-use page to the admin dashboard where you can easily input your LRS settings and connect the game for tracking purposes. Knowledge Guru - Experience API control panel Most LMS’s are not Experience API compliant, and you will need an LRS to use this feature… but the Experience API spec will eventually replace SCORM as the standard for online learning. By adding this tight integration now, we’re helping you stay ahead of the game. If you’re already using a product like Scormcloud or WaxLRS, you can start tracking game data in your LMS right away.

Free Trial

Our new free trial page allows you to sign up and start building a game instantly. To try out the Business theme, just select “Business – Male” or “Business – Female” from the theme menu, fill in the rest of the fields, and submit. You’ll receive a confirmation email and your 15-day trial will begin. Start a Free Trial

Existing Customers

The Experience API control panel was rolled out to all customers across the system this month, and you can start using it right away. For customers who purchased games for future use that do not yet have content, we can easily change empty games from the Fantasy theme to one of the Business themes. Just contact us.