Knowledge Guru Adds Player Analytics and Reporting Automation


Great things are coming to the Knowledge Guru platform as we head into the second half of 2016. We start things off with the first of two Summer releases. Our June 24th release provides users with three enhancements:

1) Automated Reports

Coaching helps cement knowledge and skills for most of us. With that in mind, we’ve made it easier for learners’ managers to see what their employees are accomplishing within a Knowledge Guru game so they can easily have coaching conversations. When game authors create a new game, they can quickly set up automated delivery of any standard report. They can choose what reports to send, the frequency with which to send the reports (daily, weekly, or monthly), and establish a stop date.


2) Player-Facing Reports

Players have always been able to assess performance by monitoring their score within Knowledge Guru, but now they can get detailed feedback on their performance on each learning objective associated with the game. They can also get a question/answer summary for questions they’ve already encountered in the game. This report makes study and review simple. Here’s the mobile version of the report:



3) Cloning and Converting Capability

Lots of users want to re-purpose an existing game for a different audience. Perhaps 80% of the game content will remain the same, but 20% of it needs to be revised to fit the needs of a new audience. Now, you can easily do this with two clicks. You can also convert games from one game type to the other (Legend to Quest or Quest to Legend).  This task is performed at the system administrator level, not at the game author level. System Administrators access the “Create Game” menu option off of their main menu. They then choose an option from the Clone From drop-down menu as shown in the image below.

Still to Come in 2016

We’ll have a second Summer release in August that provides game authors with two new question types to use in Quest games. Game authors will be able to create Select All That Apply questions as well as a Ranking question that requires learners to put a list into the appropriate order.

Our most significant release will come in November 2016 when we introduce a new reinforcement and coaching app for mobile devices. The biggest pain point for training initiatives is the lack of post-training reinforcement options. Our new offering will provide an effective reinforcement option that requires only minutes/day from users. Users will reinforce and strengthen knowledge and skill via a variety of mini-games they can complete in a few minutes at a time. Users and their managers will receive analytic reports  that help them identify areas where users have:

  • High confidence but low skill.
  • Low confidence and low skill.
  • High skill but low confidence.
  • High confidence and high skill.

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