Knowledge Guru Fall ’14 Release Adds New Game Type, Expanded Reporting and More


Since the release of Knowledge Guru in 2012, our team has spent thousands of hours researching the science of learning and serious games. We’ve play tested dozens of games to see what mechanics work for learning. Most importantly, we’ve listened to our growing customer base to find out what features and functionality they need to make serious games a success in their organizations.

All of this has led up to our Fall ’14 Release, the biggest Knowledge Guru release yet. Next week, we are unveiling the all-new Quest game type. It takes the Knowledge Guru platform to a new level.

We’ll show off Quest at DevLearn 2014, October 29-31 in Las Vegas. See the list of events, or simply register for the Fall ’14 Release webinar on November 6th.

What is Quest?

Quest is an all-new game type that uses the same game content as the original Knowledge Guru games, but in a new way.



In Quest, players are on a journey to “unlock knowledge.” They travel through three worlds to do so. The original Knowledge Guru game has been renamed as Legend. Learn more about the difference between Quest and Legend here.

More Personal Than Ever

Players select an avatar to represent themselves… and a Guru to guide them through the game.

Addictive Gameplay


The game environment is immersive and responsive. The interface just feels fun as players play, and the game mechanics encourage replayability. Players maximize their “star rating” on each topic and earn power-ups that impact their experience.

Social Leaderboards


Players vie for first place on the leaderboards while seeing a real-time stream of their colleagues completing challenges of their own.



The “Bonus Gate” provides a mini game that is fun to play and actually integrated into the learning itself. This deepens the learning and improves retention.

Performance Challenges

performance challenges

Connect gameplay to real-world challenges. You create the challenges; players complete them as part of the game.

Powerful Learning Science

The game format has been structured to take advantage of the latest research on how memories are formed. You can even control the spacing for players by “locking” worlds for play on a later date. The game can send an email to players reminding them to return, if you’d like.

Plenty of Options


Quest is launching with three different theme choices: Business, Space, and Island. That makes for 11 total theme options across both Knowledge Guru game types.

Other Improvements

Quest is not the only thing new this fall.

Reimagined User Interface


The user interface has been optimized to truly “flow” through the game development process. The tabs across the top of the screen walk you through each step from getting creation to customization to implementation. It’s still simple to create a game; just add your content.

Improved Support Resources

We’ve added a short “Getting Started” video for both Quest and Legend game types that provide a three minute overview before you begin. We have also introduced a new, expanded Knowledge Base with tutorials that help you create your game. If the Knowledge Base is not enough, the new support ticketing system will get any issues resolved quickly.

Gorgeous New Reports


All of our admin reports have received a facelift. You’ll also find a new “Report Dashboard” that tells you, at a glance, how your game is going. The new “Game Overview Report” combines several popular reports into one useful PDF. As always, all our reports can be exported to a CSV, too.

Attend the Fall Release Webinar


We are showing off Quest in a free public webinar on Thursday, November 6th at 1 pm ET, 10 am PT. Even if you cannot attend, register to receive the recording.