How to Remove Players from Drive Games

All Knowledge Guru accounts come with a maximum number of players. Periodically, you may want to delete players to help you stay within your limits. You may also simply want to keep your database clean and reuse a game with a new group of players. When you no longer need data associated with players, you can delete them.

Here’s what to do:

Quick Steps to Remove Players in Knowledge Guru Drive

  1. Expand Manage Players option within left-hand navigation pane, and select Remove Players.
  2. There are several options for filtering which players you want to remove. Remove a single player by typing their name in the search field and click REMOVE PLAYER.
  3. Remove specific players by checking one of the four removal option buttons and click SUBMIT. (NOTE: You will be given a list of the players that will be removed. You may proceed to removing the players, or cancel and reselect players.)
  4. You can also change the Automatic Player Removal Settings if you want players to be removed after a period of inactivity in your game.
  5. Choose the option from the dropdown menu that is right for you. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Click through this slideshow to view a quick visual tutorial.