Implementation Tips for Drive

Our implementation pack includes timelines, tips, templates and images you can use to implement and promote your game.

To maximize the playing – and learning – experience of Knowledge Guru Drive, you need to do two things well:

  • Spark sales reps’ interest so they take action to download Drive and get started.
  • Provide clear directions on how to access the Drive game and get started with Drive.

We recommend using this implementation timeline:

How to Spark Interest

Think about your target audience. How many of these are true for them?

  • The game is “required” by someone, and someone will be verifying their completion.
  • They enjoy games and are intrigued by playing.
  • They are competitive – and like visible evidence of a competition, such as a leaderboard.
  • They love anything that gives them more information about themselves and how they are improving over time.
  • They want quick hits that reinforce key knowledge or skills that improve selling abilities.

Take time to assess players’ starting motivation – and be honest about what that motivation is likely to be. Your answers can help guide you in planning your implementation and choosing the best strategies for your audience. If the sole motivation to play is “because we have to,” you need to put more thought into your strategy. If Motivators 2-5 above exist for them, you need only make sure you provide clear directions on how to access Drive – and make sure you repeat those directions so everyone “hears” you. If most of these motivators are absent, your strategy will need to go further.

Pre-launch message ideas

  • Plan a series of three to four provocative emails to serve as teasers. Use short, creative subject lines that will appeal to your targets. Teaser subject lines could include:
    • Become a master in 5 minutes/day.
    • 5 minutes/day to better sales results.
    • Join the ranks of the masters.
    • Drive to the top.
  • Include visuals of the Drive app in your messaging, particularly leaderboards or the dashboard. People respond better to visuals than to lots of text. Keep text portion of your message short and provocative.
  • If game-based solutions are new to your organization and people are skeptical, consider offering prizes to underscore the significance of playing. The leaderboard makes it easy for you to award prizes for various things such as biggest leap in rank over two days’ time or top of the leaderboard on a given day. This keeps players on their toes throughout your play period. Prizes do not have to be big ones.

Once the game launches

Send a clear message that explains how to gain access to Drive. Here’s a sample you can modify:

Subject: How to drive to mastery on <insert your topic here>

Dear Sales Rep,

You’ve heard about it; today it’s available! Begin your Drive to Mastery on <insert topic> now. Get started in three easy steps:

Step 1: Use the URL provided to register for the Drive game and create a Knowledge Guru account. Knowledge Guru is the platform that powers the Drive game. Here’s the URL:

·       <Insert game URL here.> It will be something like:

Step 2: After registering, you will be automatically directed to a link where you can download the mobile app to your phone. This app lets you access Drive on your phone for maximum ease of use.

Step 3: Start playing to build mastery. Drive will adapt to you as you play, and a session only takes 5 minutes to complete. You can play every day. Every day you access Drive, you get three new games, and updated stats on your progress toward mastery.

Be prepared to resend a variation of the message 1 or 2 more times to ensure all learners see the email. Monitor the Drive analytics to verify that players are getting registered and playing.

Throughout the active play period, monitor player progress. Acknowledge players’ efforts and recognize top scores and engaged players.

Share out final results. Use the reporting capabilities within the Game Administration tool to share relevant results, including the number of reps achieving mastery.

If you have some form of regular sales communication tool, use it to profile top performers and acknowledge their efforts.