How to Use a Legend or Quest Game as Part of a Live Event

Using a Knowledge Guru game as a part of a live event or workshop can enhance the experience. You – or whomever is facilitating the workshop – can display a live leaderboard so players can see their progress – and compete for high point awards. The leaderboard auto-refreshes every 30 seconds throughout game play.

To use a Legend or Quest game in a live event, you need the URL for the live scoreboard. The event facilitator can copy the URL into a browser and project the score board.

Here’s how you locate the scoreboard URL. A live scoreboard is available for both the Quest or Legend game types:

Quick Steps List

  1. In the authoring tool, select the IMPLEMENT option in the left-hand menu.
  2. From within IMPLEMENT, select Live Leaderboards. The URL is located here. Click it to access the Live Leaderboards.

Click through the slideshow below to see the steps in action.