How to Add or Edit Game Authors on an Existing Game Shell

System administrators in Knowledge Guru can add and remove game authors from a game shell at any time. Each Knowledge Guru game must have at least one, but up to 10, Game Author(s) associated with it.  

To create a game author: 

  1. Log into your Knowledge Guru account at: 
  2. Select your company from the game list. If you have no games, you will automatically be logged into your system administrator account. 
  3. Select  GAME AUTHORS/CREATE GAME AUTHOR  from the left-hand menu. 
  4. Enter the game author information and click  CREATE GAME AUTHOR. 

Once you have the game author in your system, you can associate them to existing game shells. To add a Game Author to an existing game shell: 

  1. Select GAME SHELLS/EDIT GAME SHELL from the left-hand menu. 
  2. Select EDIT GAME SHELL for the game shell you wish to edit.  
  3. Enter names of additional game authors, up to 10, in the Additional Game Authors box. Names should appear as you type if you have already added the authors to your account.  
  4. Click the X for any additional game authors you want to remove, or use the dropdown to change the Primary Game Author. 
  5. Click SAVE.