How to Let Learners Log In With

Knowledge Guru allows your learners to log into their games with their account. Once learners validate their account credentials, they can log in with Salesforce and see all games registered to their Salesforce email address. Desktop From the main login page Players go to or and click LOGIN WITH SALESFORCE. Players enter their Salesforce username and […]

How to Invite Learners to Play on Mobile Devices

Are you launching a Knowledge Guru game that learners will play on their smartphones? If so, using these two links will make the process easier: and 1. If players will type the game link into their mobile browser, use the short link All Knowledge Guru games can be accessed using either the full link (Example: […]

How to Add Players to a Drive Game

Have Players Self-Register Want your players to create their own account for your Knowledge Guru Drive game? Have your players self-register for your game in four easy steps: Quick Steps for Self-Registration Send your Drive game link/URL to all players via email or post it on your LMS. Explain that players must click the link […]

How to Edit or Reset Player Data from a Drive Game

Edit Player Data Editing a player’s information is useful, though players can self-edit their email address or their name once they register. To edit a player’s information, follow these steps:  Quick Steps for Editing a Player in Knowledge Guru Drive Expand Manage Players option within left-hand navigation pane, and select Edit or Reset Players. Search for […]

How to Remove Players from Drive Games

All Knowledge Guru accounts come with a maximum number of players. Periodically, you may want to delete players to help you stay within your limits. You may also simply want to keep your database clean and reuse a game with a new group of players. When you no longer need data associated with players, you […]

How to Maximize Game Security in Knowledge Guru Drive

The best way to maximize security in Knowledge Guru is to control player registration options. The default setting in Knowledge Guru is to allow anyone to play your game if they have the game URL. The game URL does not show up in search engines, so only individuals who have been sent the link will […]